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Welcome to Blackbelly Farm

The herd comes together

Blackbelly Farm is located in the lush oasis of Pahranagat Valley, township of Alamo, Lincoln county Nevada, just 100 miles north of Las Vegas. Started as a hobby farm about 11 years ago, it grew into a full time occupation, demanding constant attention and resources. However, it never failed to provide joy and satisfaction in return, its principal reason of being.

The whole farm stretches on 20 acres, with 18 acres being flood irrigated pasture.

Why Barbados Blackbelly sheep? Those beautiful animals just remind me of the fat-tail hair sheep found mostly in Madagascar, where I grew up. To complete the illusion of a typical malagasy village life, I added first chickens, then ducks, turkeys and guinea hens. But unfortunately, those nostalgic cries of wild guineas coming every evening from the surrounding savanna sound more like a heavy metal concert in the desert South West than a sunset melody!

Our goals for the next 2 years are:

  • to expand the vegetable garden portion of the farm,
  • to keep the flock at a minimum while continuing to improve the conformation of the breeding stock
  • and to reduce the quantity of diverse small animals.

Please feel free to look around, share a taste of the farm with us and see what we have to offer.

Lincoln County, Nevada Web Site

Pahranagat Wildlife Refuge Web Site

Madagascar Fat-Tail Hair Sheep - Short Information

Barbados Blackbelly Sheep/Dresden, DE, 2012

Madagascar Fat-Tail Hair Sheep

Summer @ Blackbelly Farm

Summer @ Blackbelly Farm


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